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This comes on the heels of 's increase over 's total, which was a The disturbing increase in the benchmark report was not just contained to the total number of crashes.

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In , fatal crashes were also at their highest point in the five-year study: the road fatalities were a Injuries from car accidents were also at a five-year high: the 50, people who were hurt proved to be a Unfortunately, this drastic increase in road deaths is not just a problem in Maryland. The benchmark report also broke down the location of the crashes that happened in Maryland over the past five years. Looking at the county where the crash occurred, an interesting trend developed. While urban areas saw the highest number of car accidents, a disproportionate number of the state's fatal crashes were happening in the rural counties of Maryland.

For example, between and , the counties that had the highest percentage of the state's total car accidents were. These same counties, however, accounted for only The reason for this discrepancy is likely the fact that cars are less likely to get up to high speeds in urban areas where speed limits are low, stop signs and lights are plentiful, and the traffic is often heavy.

In rural areas, on the other hand, roads are designed to get relatively few drivers from one place to another quickly.

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Another takeaway from the benchmark report is that seat belts make a huge difference in the outcome of a car accident in Maryland. Over the past five years in car accidents where one of the drivers involved was injured, This high percentage evaporates in car accidents that end in a fatality.

Only This does not mean that not wearing a seat belt causes car accidents. Instead, it is statistical evidence that car accidents are more likely to become fatal if a driver is not properly restrained at the time of the collision.

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Not using a seat belt can turn a serious car crash into a fatal one, or a minor accident into a serious one. These statistics highlight the dangers that are present on the roads of Maryland, day in and day out. They also showcase the importance of having a solid personal injury attorney on your side if you or a loved one gets hurt in a crash that was caused by another driver. Local News. Founders Day Celebrated At Morgan State University It's been 50 years since Morgan State University moved to its current campus, and now the Lauraville community that once opposed the university is joining it in celebration.

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