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Either way, these incomplete addresses make their way into marketing company databases or get used in organizational algorithms. You can only lookup one address at a time using the USPS website. If you want bulk address validation , you may have to pay a bit for it. Once you know that an address is valid, you can do a reverse address lookup to find more information about that address. The first place to look is search engines. Simply type the address into Google , Bing , Yahoo! For private residences, the success rate using this method is rather low.

But an internet search works quite well if the address belongs to a business. Businesses publicize their addresses so people can find them. If the address appears to be a business, double check to verify the right business is listed. Also, the information you find may be outdated or inaccurate. Be careful using information you find this way. A standard internet search sometimes turns up information from social networks.

But the best way to search the massive repository of information on social networks is by using the search function in the social networking apps themselves. If someone has their address openly displayed on their Facebook or LinkedIn page, it should turn up when you search for that address.

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Also check the less popular networking sites like MySpace. Although MySpace is mostly a ghost town now, there may be some address information left on an abandoned MySpace page.

White Pages Reverse Lookup

Searching review sites like Yelp and Google reviews is a good way to find out if the address your reversing belongs to a business. Most businesses have their address listed on these pages so they can get reviews. Remember, that just like information from search engines, anything you find on social networks may be old or incorrect information. Be cautious with this data as well. Free online address lookup tools tend to be more reliable than internet searches in terms of finding some information. Free address search tools rely mostly on information from the white pages and yellow pages.

This information is publicly available. Most of it is used by police departments or published in libraries. For a few cents or less , you can get much better data from a paid search tool. For example, our Reverse Address Lookup Tool provides dependable reverse address lookups for less than a penny apiece.

White Pages Reverse Phone Lookup

Note: the white pages and yellow pages are public information for free use. Never pay for an online address search that relies only on these sources.

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  • A premium records search scours unpublished records like court proceeding records and marriage applications for information. Premium records searches are a good way to find names, phone numbers, email addresses, and aliases connected with an address. Premium records searches are also relatively inexpensive. You can also do bulk premium records searches, also called batch appends , if you have a list of addresses to check. Usually, you can get quality information for about 15 cents per address. Good services allow you to choose the information you need to gather. But, a premium records search is a good compromise.

    Batch append services are usually reliable enough for businesses to use with purchased lists of leads or for completing customer profiles.

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