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For example, GPs, nurses, midwives, surgeons, dentists, psychologists, osteopaths, vets, chemists etc. Other Occupations Many other professions are also subject to being vetted through the CRB before a person can be deemed suitable to take a job within the profession. Some of the more common ones include people who work in the private security sector, e. In fact, in having passed the check, you will be provided with the Disclosure which states that you have passed which you will then be able to use to apply for other similar roles.

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Having passed the check, it also demonstrates your commitment to applying for specific roles which require the Disclosure. The Disclosures come in two varieties. A further source will come from the Department of Education and Skills DfES who have a list of those deemed unsuitable to work with children or banned from working with them.

An Enhanced Disclosure covers all the elements above with the added extra of any further information that may be relevant which is held by a local police force but which may not be recorded on the PNC.

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This does not mean that the person is considered more of a risk simply that they will be working within closer more direct contact in one of the occupations stated above. Data Protection Issues One of the most common reasons for people being put off applying for jobs that require a CRB check is that they might have a criminal record for something entirely unrelated to the job which they want to apply for.

However, they should not be discouraged as it is against the law to discriminate against anybody who has a criminal record where the crime committed has no bearing on the risk factors of them being able to carry out the job.

source Likewise, not all applicants will receive a CRB check, only those who the company or organisation have decided to offer the job to in principle, will be required to have a CRB check run on them. Previous Page. Next Page. You might also like Objecting to Changes in an Employment Contract.

Zero Hours Contracts Explained. How well the criminal background check will be helpful for an organization and how can a company can get benefited.

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Hi i am looking to get my background check done so that i can gain coaching qualifications to help coach my 7 year old sons football team can i get a step by step guide how to do so as i paid online previously and got nothing back. Caz - Your Question:. I have a DBS check. Am I allowed to be left alone with children with this in place? Or does there always have to be a second adult present? What about being left alone with mu own children in the work place? Same rules? SafeWorkers - Apr PM.

Am i allowed to be left alone with children with this in place?