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15 Most Beautiful Fish in the World (You Can Keep In Your Aquarium)

It is quite the small fish that you can use for your freshwater aquarium. The best part is that it is not demanding at all. You will always find it great to maintain even for a beginner. They come brightly colored so it is not easy to miss their location. They are also easy to breed and not aggressive at all. The fish does not attack its juveniles unlike other fish types. As for the water temperature, you do not have to always keep the aquarium heated. The fish will still survive in the cold water. You will mostly find it swimming in the middle water layers and in a school.

So it is better to keep at least 6 of them in the same aquarium to create the school for a nice show when swimming. Many people will like this fish for being good-looking, and active in the aquarium. If you have always wanted the aquarium to look great, then you can consider getting such type of fish.

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Even with the different looks, they all have the same behavior. They will swim mostly in the bottom water layers. They do this to look for the leftover feed all the time. In a way, they will be helping to clean the tank. It can be very active, but it will not grow to become a large fish that you have to get a new aquarium for it.

Its size alone if often enough for people to consider having it in their aquariums.

It is not just about the size, but also the color. It is definitely a beautiful fish that you could enjoy having in your tank today. Many people would love to have in their tanks with the other fish species mentioned above. The reason is that you can find this species being peaceful. To make it look its best, you can consider having the species in a school. When they swim in a school, you will always find this being great for your tank.

As for feeding, you can choose to feed them on a variety of food with no problem. Just make sure it is not the large grained food as swallowing might be a problem. Upon checking out this fish, you might see that it is quite unusual.

Do not let that scare you as it is even possible for the inexperienced aquarist to handle it. Since it has a close relation to the true loaches family, it looks like a small snake. As much as it looks like a snake, it should be scary as it is not dangerous. Most of them will hide during the day. This means that it is better to have a soft substrate in the tank. The fish will often dig and hide in the substrate.


The Wet Spot Tropical Fish

With the digging all the time, you should find the fish eating the leftovers at the bottom, thus cleaning the tank in a way. Make sure that you feed it food that drowns for it to easily reach it. This family of fish often inhabits in oxygen-deficient water thus it is used to learning to breathing the outer oxygen. It is the reason you can find the fish getting close to the water surface to get more air.

It could be an interesting feature to see how the fish reaches for the water surface. On the overall, you will find this species being peaceful and can co-exist with the other fish in one tank. The males will be very bright in terms of color and their abdominal fins turned due to long outgrowths.

As for the food, you can feed them any floating food as they like to swim around the water surface.

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Since the fish is not demanding, you might find it great to keep it in your aquarium and simply do quick maintenance. The small and peaceful nature makes it likable by many people. You can always find many newbies opting for it as it is low maintenance. The male fish of the species brightly colored and it is where it derives its name. Being a schooling fish, you need to consider keeping at least 6 of them in the tank to create the effect.

You will notice that the fish does not always stay in a school. They only do so when they are scared. You simply have to make sure that it gets all the necessary food and simple maintenance should keep it looking great all the time. It can be a large fish at 15 cm long, which means that you have to get a larger tank to make sure it fits properly and has some space for playing. Its unusual appearance often makes more people to be interested in it.

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You too could get it for yourself and never have to regret again. It is tolerant to various tank conditions so it can easily survive anywhere. With such a low maintenance fish, you should not have a problem keeping it. The catfish is still beneficial to the tank as it survives by eating epibioses and algae.

Your tank can now be cleaner than before with such a fish type. There is no doubt you have seen this in many aquariums than any other fish type. Once it saw something in it's path it changed direction right? Fish often follow people at tourist destinations because tourists feed fish. Other than that, curiosity can be the reason. It gets really interesting when a Remora decides you are the best excuse for a shark it can find, and wants to latch on to you.

I had two barracudas come my way in Varadero, in the shallow water. My husband said it was seaweed. I asked him why it was moving. I was out of there in a flash!


I figured it was the hotel bracelet that attracted them. It was shiny gold. Many different reasons covering many different species. First and most obvious, fish associate snorkellers with being fed; a lot of shoal and reef species do this including sergeant majors, chub, chromis, ballyhoo etc. And yes, flashy bling will also bring various predators out for a look. Some triggerfish are notorious for this. Also, if fish see reflections eg in goggles, cameras or on swimwear, they sometimes become territorial.

Third, protection or cover. Barracuda and jacks are notorious for this and will sometimes swim disconcertingly close to you to try and blindside smaller prey. On the obverse, small fish will sometimes use swimmers for cover when larger fish are hunting. Fourth, blood. Predators can scent minuscule amounts of blood in water and a scratch, graze or even menstruation can attract them. Because fish often rely upon a complex web of senses beyond sight, many signals - chemical, hormonal, activity and sound - will attracts them and they know when you are, and will trail you, long before you see them.

There are many other random reasons; in sandy areas, waders and paddlers stir up the seabed, dislodging crustaceans etc, and it's not uncommon to find dart, pompano, permit and mojarra close to your feet. If fish are in protected areas and hot hunted or netted regularly, they can become totally blase about humans and, where no threat is perceived, allow you to come very close The Maldives, where no fishing is allowed on hotel reefs, is one example of this.

Also, when fish are sick or injured they can become unwary. You've posted on the Cayo Coco forum, which is an area that is heavily fished and speared inshore, so many of the above reasons could apply. It's probably not you, it's more likely just a random series of disparate reasons. But it's cool when it happens! Profile JOIN. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Why would fish be following me?? Watch this Topic.