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The new CHR system boasts faster transaction processing, enhanced record monitoring and provides more flexibility to law enforcement, courts and prosecutor's offices who submit information to the system.

The system also provides MSP with the ability to run status reports for local agencies to inform them of missing CHR data, which will help to ensure the completeness of records. Some of the new capabilities include the ability to auto-generate additional names when hyphenated names and multi-part names are entered; the ability to provide matching values for common nicknames such as Victor and Vic; and a greater significance on driver's license and social security number when returning matches.

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  6. Federal and Michigan laws provide some protections for applicants with criminal records..

Previously, ICHAT required an exact match on a person's first and last name in order to return a result. The new system provides the greatest possible chance of finding a potential candidate on a name search.

Michigan Law on Employer Use of Arrest and Conviction Records

The improved CHR system also includes a Rap Back feature, which allows MSP to notify the submitting agency when a criminal fingerprint is matched to a stored set of applicant fingerprints. This is the feature that will allow the Michigan Department of Education to be notified when a school employee is convicted of a criminal offense in Michigan subsequent to passing an applicant background check required by PA of The Michigan State Police began keeping criminal history records in Michigan Public Records : While the information provided on this website is public record, Michigan and federal law preclude disclosure of certain information to the public.

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Just because the landscaping contractor we just hired or a potential business partner may seem like a decent people doesn't mean they are. Conducting a bit of research on virtually anybody can be carried out on our phone or the computer with a couple clicks. So what solutions does Michigan offer for background checks?

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Local state and county public record repositories are the way to go.