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Themes are a set of related geographic features.

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Property Information Application The Carver County Property Information application provides online access to geographic and tax record information currently maintained by departments within Carver County. If this is your first visit to the application, we recommend you take the tour to get acquainted with the new site.

Site News Please note that tax descriptions are not intended for use on legal documents as they may be partial and incomplete.

Bath Counts - due to the recent data conversion process from our original CAMA system to a new system, the bathroom counts are temporarily unavailable. Above Grade Heated Sq. Please see the Field Definitions for more information on new calculation methodology. Navigate to the general location on the map and click on the property.

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Historical Imagery. Select a print layout and hit submit Submit Printing This may take a few moments.

You are on the DR server, a number of features will be disabled. The Property Appraiser office is currently experiencing telephone service issues at our Bartow office. The problem has been identified and is currently being resolved; if you need immediate assistance please contact through our email contact page. We will be open on Wednesday, September 4th.

Marsha M. We hope you find the information inside easily accessible and useful. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. As a result, exempt aka confidential accounts and parcels have been completely redacted from our website and all FTP data files. In addition, the Polk County Property Appraiser mapping site has been modified to accommodate the statutory change.


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See Senate Bill , which takes effect on July 1, , for additional information. Polk County Clerk of Court Request for Confidentiality NOTE: The Clerk of Court is an independent office that offers separate confidentiality related services for recorded documents available online such as deeds — a separate application is required.

Our Office Does Not Release Tax Payer Phone Numbers or Email Addresses Recently, we have received multiple phone calls and emails from homeowners asking if our office has provided contact information phone numbers and email addresses to 3rd party vendors. We have not AND will not release this type of information. Phone numbers and email addresses, however, are generally provided to the Property Appraiser on AG Classification and Exemption applications, etc.

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These types of forms are known as returns. All returns of property are confidential documents in the hands of the Property Appraiser in accordance with Florida Statute This statute includes federal income tax returns or other attachments which are designed to be supplemental to or become part of, a return. Please view the Help File for online filing instructions.

Please review the Agricultural Classification Guidelines.

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Florida Statute NOTE: Homestead, other exemptions, and Agricultural Classification greenbelt receipt cards will not be mailed in order to save taxpayer's dollars. The TRIM notice is not a bill. It is an estimate of proposed property taxes based on the proposed tax rates, property value and exemptions. The TRIM Notice includes the date and time of budgetary public hearings for each taxing authority and certain non-ad valorem assessment information.

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There have been no changes to the TRIM form since that time. All information in the video is valid and accurate. If you have questions about your taxes or various assessments, please contact the appropriate authority. The Property Appraiser IS responsible for property value. If a property owner disagrees with the Property Appraiser value information or has been denied an exemption, please contact our office to review or discuss the matter with a deputy appraiser.

If you purchased and moved into your home after January 1, , you may now file for a exemption. If you have purchased a new home and had a previous homestead on another home in Florida, you may be eligible for portability - the transfer of some or all of your old homestead's "Save Our Homes" benefit the difference between your market and assessed values due to the annual cap on increases.

Note: The late file deadline to file for a application: Tuesday September 10, It is an estimate of proposed property taxes based on the proposed tax rates, property value, and exemptions.