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Then set this sound as your ringtone. Now, you can relax that you have your very own, one of a kind tone. So when someone else has the "What, you deaf?

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Pick up the phone? Uh, pick up the phone, yeah? Reply With Quote. Man With a Cat. My ringtone is called "vibrate". It seems to annoy nobody. See, now, if all your OPs were like this people would like you better and stop telling you to shut up. But do you like it? Mint Julep. Do not come to my office. Excuse me! Humm - I have I want to be sedated by the Ramones as my ring tone.

I hope no one want's to kill me. On the other hand, I like it, so meh.

24: CTU Intercom Ring Tone

I hate those stupid things. When I'm out, my ringer is set pretty low, so I doubt anyone but my hears them; when I'm home, I crank it up. Just be glad you don't work for a cell phone manufacturer. These people tend to have fancy phones they just can't live without. Meetings are peppered with various beeps and ringtones.

I haven't heard anything REALLY annoying, like actual words or anything just instrumental tunes but the sheer volume of them still pisses me off.

Beware of Doug. I apparently can't get ringtones into a Mac, but I'm thinking one or more versions of the classic NBC Chimes might be tasteful.

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This one 's my favorite. Is it possible to have such a ringtone on your mobile phone, and NOT be a total cretin? Find all posts by Casey Larry Mudd. One of my coworkers has a different ringtone on his phone every week. He never, ever, ever shuts the damn thing off during our staff meetings. Deep breath. Everybody literally was staring at him. He just held his phone and looked up, said "What? I can't stop it. Anyhow he goes for really annoying ringtones. I think the worst one so far was the old-fashioned telephone bell that loud clanging sound, anyone over the age of 30 knows it well at a high volume.

Maybe I'll change my ringtone to scream out "Shut your phone off Ernie! As "novelty" as I'm willing to go is that little "blip-bloop bleeeeet " of 24 's CTU phones. I'm convinced that Cingular put irritating standard ringtones on my cell phone in a effort to make me buy upgraded ring tones. There's just no actual "politely ring" or "politely beep" setting. It's all Disco! So, being extremely cheap and lazy , I have it set to this weirdo beach party music. Sorry if I offend.

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China Guy. But they're the real songs, not the instrumental versions.

art. science. civic engagment.

Talon Karrde. I knew someone who had "Where Is My Mind? I think the guitar intro to that would actually make a really good one. The thing is though, I don't know if I'd want a song I liked as my ringtone because I'd get tired of it and when I heard the song normally I'd keep thinking it was my phone.

I have Fur Elise on my phone. I keep my phone turned off Bambi Hassenpfeffer. This warning: MP3 is my default ringtone. Most people who call me regularly get their own so I know who it is without looking, but unknown or less-frequent callers get this. Everyone I know thinks it's kinda funny. I have "I Touch Myself" too! And mine are the actual music as well. Are you objecting to "rings" that are voices saying stupid things? I have not actually encountered those, yet.

If you are complaining about odd tunes: stuff it. When I was using a cell phone last year inspecting construction sites, I was using a really horrid recording of Tocatta and Fugue in D , but it had a purpose. In cold weather it takes too long to get through the clothes to get to the phone before it goes to voice mail, so vibrate is not an option.

On the other hand, with a foreman, and supervisor, other inspectors, and even the laborers carrying around cell phones, every time one rang, all work stopped while everyone grabbed their phones. And since there are several "back-up" beeps on heavy machinery that sound similar to some phone rings, that could cause confusion, as well. One loud, obnoxious chirp of badly recorded Bach let me know immediately that I was the one who needed to answer my phone and that the phone was actually ringing.

I was just getting Bach to basics--I wanted to hear the phone when it rang without fugueing around. And fancied some In D music? I think that's unobtrusive enough. Can't find it, though, so my phone just rings like a I once heard a cop's cell phone start playing "The Star-Spangled Banner". Somehow using the National Anthem as a ring tone doesn't strike me as an exhibit of true patriotism.

Made me smile. I don't even own a cellphone, so no one can complain about my ringtones. And if I did, I'd always set it to vibrate. Not necessarily out of common courtesy, but mainly because I'm deaf and I might not notice the ring. Here in Brooklyn the kidz now use their phones like wee boomboxes to play mp3's at a blistering trebel whine.

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Daithi Lacha. Best one I've heard was years ago, on a bus in Dublin: "Tubular Bells.