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Furthermore, he enjoys pushing the on and off buttons on our computer and printer, playing in the kitty litter, and chewing on CDs from my CD player. Dear , Do you like making goals for a new year? I realize that God's "new year" starts in our springtime see Exodus , but after 37 times of starting it in January, my brain still starts making new goals and plans the last week of December. There is just something so peaceful about seeing snow out my window, doing a little extra cleaning this week, and taking a little break from school while family visits that make me want to grab my notebook and make some goals.

I know that God has plans for me, too. I've been reading in Jeremiah , and I'm so impressed that God has a plan for His people that has been set from the beginning of time. For me, too! So today's e-zine is all about the plans that God has for us -- and what He wants from me in response. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea as you read, then find a quiet spot to commit to Him.

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In This Issue. What does this passage say about our ability to change? How does the Holy Spirit help us? Read Titus This passage says we have a new birth in Christ.

The Search for Significance: Seeing Your True Worth Through God's Eyes by Robert S. McGee

How should you view your past failings in light of these verses? Moving forward, how should you look at your past? What will you do with your feelings of shame and hopelessness? Write a personal action step based on this conversation.

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7 Keys To A Life Of Significance

PursueGOD Video. Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. Are You Too Busy for God? Does the Bible Support Slavery? Do Real Men Cry? Calvinism vs. Arminianism: Which One is Right? PursueGOD Community. Jesus: Was He Hot or Not? Nature and Us: Awe or Indifference? Capturing Christianity. Desiring God. Are Mormons Christians? What Was the Tabernacle in the Old Testament? Conditions vs. What Does That Actually Mean? Jon Jorgenson. Bible Munch. What Happens When You Die? Are You All In?

Should We Believe in Miracles Today? Who Are You Playing For? Can You Control Sinful Thoughts? Expectations vs. Experiences in Coaching FlexTalk Podcast. Is Masturbation a Sin? How Can We Understand God? The Bible Project. Even though we have used these false beliefs s of times, he has given us all we need to defeat them. The problem is that we are discouraged. We have read books, seen truth, and had people explain it to us in such a way that we were profoundly affected, yet, in a few months, we went back to being the way we were.

Most of the time we learn the truth, but we did not learn how to put it into practice in our life. What we are going to learn is what the truth is, and God's process for bringing it into our lives.

What are the goals for this study? To have an ongoing defense against new false beliefs. To seek out and destroy the false beliefs so we don't have to struggle with them.

There are three things to this defense. As situations occur and false beliefs are triggered, we need to recognize when our emotions are alerting us that something is wrong, that we are basing our thinking on the Satanic equation. When situations happen and emotions kick in, we need to understand the thoughts behind the emotions , because unless they are chemically induced, they can be rejected.

If we don't think certain thoughts, the emotions behind them go away. The emotions only stay if we think the thoughts that produce them. An example of forgetting why we are mad. Immediately we reject the satanic thoughts, and the satanic beliefs. Once we recognize the thoughts, we can recognize the beliefs behind them, and then reject these things and replace them with the truth. We must accurately label the emotion we are experiencing, trace it back to the thoughts that triggered it and keep the emotion alive.

This will help us identify the lie that we are believing, reject it, and remember the truth that we base our lives upon. Unfortunately, many Christians hide from their emotions, interpret them wrongly, and think they are sinful to be having them. This causes us lots of trouble. It is possible for us to get feedback from the mechanisms in our mind that produce these thoughts so we can destroy them.

These mechanisms are called stronghold and God has a specific way for us to do this. Our Weapons.

We are caught in the middle of a war between God and Satan. God has given us the task of dealing with Satan and his demons. The only thing worse then being at war is being at war and not knowing you are in a war. We have an enemy. We need to know he is there. Not fleshly or carnal, not psychological v. This is not a weapon that is psychological. The flesh cannot fix the flesh. A supernatural act is needed to go against such a terrible enemy. Effective and powerful weapons v. Which is most effective? God's weapons or man's?

Would you choose a weapon made by the brightest, most skillful man, or a weapon made by God? Many Christians think they have picked up a weapon that God created, but it has no effect, and they think it is operator error. But, more than likely it was a man-made weapon. Destroy strongholds v. Since something must be destroyed, or torn down, it means that it was incorrectly built.

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Something was raised up that God did not teach us. Destroy arguments v. These are arguments, reflections of our mind. All our life we were taught these false beliefs. They hold a pretty high position in our life. Even though we have accepted Christ, and we are told who we are, we believe these satanic arguments. Destroy high things v. These are things that are placed higher than what God has said they should be. We have to pull down those things which we have held to be ultimate truths. We need to only hold ultimate those things which God has revealed to us.