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Other employers to become familiar with are private schools, Head Start and Montessori schools. Be sure to research the child care centers in your local area, as many of these centers are in constant need of highly qualified teachers and assistant teachers.


There are many professional organizations for teachers in the state of Texas that share similar visions. It aims to improve the profession and local public schools for both teachers and students. The Texas Association for the Education of Young Children TAEYC increases public awareness of the importance of early childhood education and provides professional development for educators. Membership is valid for one year. The Texas Classroom Teachers Association TCTA offers professional protection, legal assistance, advocacy, publications, and continuing education, as well as other discounts.

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It provides members with the latest information on legal rulings and legislative happenings, as well. The Dallas News education blog covers hot topics, issues, and events in Texas schools, as does the education section of Statesman. Many Texas teachers also share insightful information through their personal blogs.

Crayons and Curls is operated by a kindergarten teacher who shares a variety of ideas and resources for the kindergarten classroom.

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First Grade Derby was started by a first-grade teacher who has taught elementary school for 12 years and loves sharing and learning from the teaching community. Step Into Second Grade is written by a dual-language teacher who blogs frequently about the goings on in her second-grade classroom. The University of Houston.

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About 11 percent of Oklahoma teachers overall leave the state or profession every year, according to data from the Oklahoma State School Boards Association, an umbrella group. More than 80 percent leave over low pay, according to the data.

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In constant dollar terms, the pay for Oklahoma teachers has dropped by about 15 percent over the last 25 years, federal data showed. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Of neighboring states, Texas offers the highest mean wages. Ginny Duncan, 24, decided to relocate there two years after starting her teaching career at an elementary school in Tulsa.

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