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This list filters out consumers who do not want to receive unsolicited calls.

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This helps ensure that the households you do contact are more likely to be receptive. By email only: support lnnte-dncl.

My Account Mon compte. For Consumers. Skip to content By now, many of us — fed up with incessant and unwanted telemarketing calls — have put our phone numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry.

Consider these next steps: When you get illegal sales calls, simply hang up. Be sure not provide any personal info as illegal callers are often scammers.

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File a complaint. You can report the illegal call to the Federal Trade Commission by visiting donotcall. Be patient. Due to the volume of reports received, the Federal Trade Commission cannot directly respond to every complaint.

AG - Michigan Telemarketing Laws / Do Not Call List

But when enough people file complaints regarding a particular violator, investigators can spot trends — then identify the parties responsible for the illegal calls and take legal action. Telemarketers update their lists periodically, which according to the Federal Trade Commission FTC , means it can take up to 31 days before putting your number on the list takes full effect.

Even then, political organizations, charities, and survey takers are legally permitted to call you. If you agree, then a for-profit company associated with the survey company can call you with a sales pitch. Your phone number will stay on the Do Not Call Registry forever, unless you ask for it to be removed. If you ever get a call from someone offering to sign you up for the registry, it is a scam!

Telemarketing and Unwanted Calls

The service is completely free and the FTC will not call you to solicit your registration. Fax numbers are subject to different regulations, so signing them up on this list will not do anything to thwart junk faxes. If a telemarketer asks you to use any of these payment methods, then the telemarketer is breaking the law. Hang up, and report it to the FTC. Telephone solicitors may not:. Request payment or submit a credit card charge before receiving express verifiable authorization showing that the consumer has agreed to purchase;.

At the beginning of a telemarketing call, the telemarketer must state his or her name and the full name of the business on whose behalf the call is made.