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It is believed that Jaques Nepven was taken prisoner, and carried away with one young boy, aged about nine years, named Prever, and one young slave girl, not baptized. From fifteen to twenty miles above the mouth of the latter river, then called the Wabash by the French, or within eighty miles or so of their destination, when they were counting the hours to their glad arrival there, they were waylaid by the merciless savages, the mother, son, and.

One daughter appears, from other minutes in these records, to have escaped this catastrophe, and she became the wife of the young ensign, Jean B. Girardot , whose signature becomes so familiar to us as we turn these ancient pages. There follows another solemn service for Jean B. The register is kept entirely by Father Beaubois during these years, except one entry by Boullenger , who states that he made it for Beaubois in his absence, which words are heavily underlined. As he inserts this in the wrong place, by order of dates, and styles it an omission, it is a wonder that Beaubois permitted it to remain.

And we can but be thankful that he did not lose his temper on his return, and suppress all that had gone before on this account.

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In , the simple relation of what happened in a single day gives us a graphic picture of the sad scenes the infant settlement had sometimes to witness. Their bodies, having been brought to Cascaskia the same day by the French, were buried at sunset in the cemetery of this parish. These four, who perhaps had just begun their daily labor in the forest or the fields, were set upon in the early morning by the wily savages, who had come from the far away Fox villages in quest of scalps, and made good their retreat with their trophies, before the sad news was known at the stronghold where the victims dwelt, or at the little village which gave them sepulcher before the evening shades had fallen.

It is interesting to notice also that one of these men was called the Bohemian , probably the first of that race who came to Illinois, and the earliest, use of the name in the annals of the West September 15, , is mentioned the death of Martha, daughter of M. In , inserted in this burial register are the baptisms of a negress and negro belonging to residents of the village, and in , that of a slave of the Padoucah tribe 14 of Indians.

These, with others following, seem to refer to baptisms performed during fatal illness, and hence included in the list of deaths. The good shepherds, who had followed their wandering flock from the banks of the Illinois to a home by the Mississippi, and had seen the roving mission change to a permanent settlement, where they had toiled long and zealously, were buried first in the mission chapel. But when this structure had fallen into decay, and a new edifice had taken its place, loving hands reverently brought thither the precious dust, that the faithful pastors might still sleep in the midst of their own people.

The record of the deaths occurring in the parish, between the termination of this register in and the commencement of the burial register opened in , has disappeared. After the first burial register, and in the same book, is a portion of the first marriage register of the parish, which begins abruptly in , with the nuptials of Antoine and Marie, slaves of the Reverend Fathers the Jesuits. Then follows the marriage of a native of Brittany with Anne, a female savage of the Nachitoches tribe , which both Girardot and Francoise le Brise grace with their presence; and the next year, that of a Frenchman with a German woman, which seems to have attracted the attention of the Aborigines, as two chiefs, one the head of the Tamaroa tribe , make their marks as witnesses.

In , Jacques Hyacinthe , of the Pawnee nation , was married to Therese, a freed savage woman of the Padoucah tribe , and the whole party signed with their marks. Turn we now to another entry of which the handwriting, clear as copper-plate, and the ink almost as dark as if used but yesterday, make it well-nigh impossible to realize that more than one hundred and fifty years have passed since the characters were formed, and the event described took place. It tells us that in the year , the twentieth day of the month of October, the nuptial benediction was pronounced over two inhabitants of the parish, Joseph Lorrin and Marie Philippe , and shows that this was a great social event in the early day.

Chassin of the Royal India Company, Girardot , Pierre de Franchomme , and others of the gentry of Kaskaskia sign the register as witnesses, and then appear two signatures, distinct and bold as though freshly written, which we have not met with hitherto. These are the names of Vinsenne and St. Ange fils; the Chevalier Vinsenne , commandant of the post by the Wabash, on the site of which the city of Vincennes, in Indiana, bearing a name derived from his, has grown up, and the young St.

Ange , one of his officers, a relative doubtless of the sterling soldier, who was to be the last French Commandant of the Illinois. The last entry in this marriage record is under date of June 7th, , and for a space of nearly twelve years, or until January 3d, , there is no register of marriages in this parish extant, and the book containing the intervening entries has probably been destroyed. On the day last mentioned it begins again, with R. In November, , is noted the marriage of the widow of Pierre Groson de Ste. September 19th, , Father P.

Brother Charles Magendie , of the Company of Jesus, acts as assistant to Father Watrin , and we hear also of Monseigneur Mercier , Vicaire General, who occasionally exercises his authority. But when, on Jan. Clair , Captain commanding at Kaskaskia, sign the record, and others of the first circles of Kaskaskia, and all are able to write their names.

Then follows the wedding of the daughter of Sieur Leonard Billeront , Royal Notary at the Illinois, with the son of Charles Valine , another name known long and well at Kaskaskia. In this year, Father S. Claire , Captain of infantry, who had now become commandant at the Illinois, and Marie Bienvenue , daughter of Antoine Bienvenue , Major of militia, who had not long before removed from New Orleans to Kaskaskia, where his decendants still reside. And the same year De Giradot signs once more as a witness. In , there appears the name of St. Gemme , which later was prominent in the history of the place.

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When, the property of the Jesuits in Kaskaskia was sold by the French commandant for the crown, under the royal decree for the suppression of the order, St. The family came from Beauvais , in France, and its members were often called by the name of that town, but the true patronymic was St. Gemme , which some descendants of that stock to day write St. Aubert , Jesuit, relieves Watrin in , and the succeeding year joins in wedlock Dussault de la Croix , officier des troupes du Roy, son of Messire Dessault de la Croix , Chevalier of the military order of St Louis, and the widow of Antoine de Gruye , Lieutenant of the troops, written permission having been given by Monsieur de Macarty , Major Commandant at the Illinois.

One of the witnesses is Neyon de Villier , a bold officer in the old French war, who did much damage on the frontiers of the colonies. This Rocheblave , at the transfer of the country by the French to the English, took service under the banner of St. In , Father Meurin seems to take charge of the parish, which he describes as that of the Immaculate Conception of the holy virgin, Village of Kaskaskias , Country of the Illinois, Province of Louisiana, Diocese of Quebec; and associated with him at times was Brother Luc Collet , Missionary Priest at the Illinois.

We should know that the man with such a chirography would have been just the one to render the efficient assistance given to George Rogers Clark , and must have belonged to the church militant. He was very slow to recognize the change in the civil government of the country, when it was ceded by France to England, which was quite distasteful to him, and hardly notices it in these records.

Meurin , officiated, we find this transfer indicated in the mention of Mr. Hugh Lord , Captain commanding for his Britannic Majesty, and his signature and those of some of his officers are subscribed to one entry. In May, , Father Gibault condescends to speak of Mr.

Clair , son of James St.

Clair , captain in the Irish Brigade in the service of France, and John Edgar , once an English officer, and afterward a prominent citizen of Kaskaskia and of Illinois, and Rachel Edgar , his American wife, who persuaded him to forswear the King of Great Britain and all his works; and William Morrison , who emigrated from Philadelphia, in , to establish a mercantile business in the old French town. And with these are the new French names, representing the arrivals from Canada during that period, and noticeable among them that of Pierre Menard , afterwards the first Lieutenant-Governor of Illinois, the son of a liberty-loving Canadian, who fought by the side of Montgomery, at Quebec.

In , Gabriel Richard takes up the record as parish priest.

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Later he was stationed at Detroit, and took a leading part in the early history of Michigan, representing that Territory in Congress, and was the only Catholic priest who was ever a member of that body. The register runs on without a break well into the present century, and we note as we pass the marriage on May 22d, , of Pierre Menard , widower, and Angelique Saucier , granddaughter of Jean B. Saucier , once a French officer at Fort Chartres, who resigned and settled in the Illinois country; Donatien Ollivier was the officiating priest.

July 11, , at the marriage of a son of Pierre Chouteau to a daughter of Pierre Menard , it is recited that the husband was born at St Louis in the Missouri Territory, and the wife at Kaskaskia in the State of Illinois, which is the first mention of the State of Illinois in these records. Many members of these two families, both prominent in the early history of the Illinois country, witness this entry. Brown , in after years a leading citizen of Chicago, appear as witnesses, and the last entry in this book, commenced in , is made in A smaller volume in the same cover continues the list of marriages to , and in a clerkly hand, Sidney Breese , late Chief-Justice of the Supreme Court of Illinois, affixes his signature to an entry made February 11th, John Reynolds , afterwards Governor of Illinois, is a witness in , and two years later, Felix St.

Vrain, the Indian agent, murdered by the savages at the outbreak of the Black-Hawk war, signs the record, and with him Nathaniel Pope , delegate to Congress from the Territory of Illinois, and first United States Judge for the District of Illinois—all in the time of Francois Xavier Dahmen , priest of the Congregation.

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In a folio volume, imported, as it would appear, from Bordeaux, the Register of Baptisms is resumed in , and continued to , and is carried on in a smaller volume to The Register of Deaths commencing only at this leaf, the 8th day of September, Le Colonel Klark. In , died Archibald McNabb , native of the Shire of Perth, in Scotland, and next is mentioned the killing of two men, from the village of Kaskaskia, who fell by the hand of the savages upon the River Cumberland or Shawanon.

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