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Clear My Record is a free, online, multi-county, referral application to clear convictions from your criminal record in California. Apply to Clear My Record. Our mission is to protect and defend the rights of our indigent clients through competent, compassionate, and creative legal advocay. What can I expect? What happens now? Permit parking will be enforced in the Live Oak beach area between 5th and 38th avenues from 11 a.

Click here for more information about residential and daily permits. Click here for information and updates about road repairs, affordable housing, homelessness and more. Read and hear more about their accomplishments. Registration for summer camps, classes, Pool Jr. Lifeguards, senior trips, swim lessons and more begins March 26 at 9 a. If you care about parks, programs, fields, beach access and more, attend one of our upcoming March meetings by clicking the link for details.

Qualified homeowners interested in purchasing one of ten affordable housing units at the Aptos Village project are invited to attend upcoming bilingual workshops.

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Click here for more info. Letters of intent are due March 1. A new report on the local tech economy, prepared by Beacon Economics, is now available for review. Download a copy at the Workforce Santa Cruz County website. On Feb. Arnold Leff declared an end to the local hepatitis A outbreak. The County has released a set of draft cannabis regulations A special Board of Supervisors meeting is set for Feb. County Public Health officials warn that flu activity is increasing, particularly with the H3N2 strain, which is associated with more severe illness and higher mortality.

Clean Slate Program

Get vaccinated today. Find vaccines at vaccinefinder. The Planning Department Building Counter is now open at a. Permits needing zoning review must wait until regular hours, which begin at 8 a. The County and city of Santa Cruz have filed litigation against 29 oil, gas and coal companies over the impacts of climate change, including sea level rise and increased fires, drought and precipitation.

Read Complaint. Read about them here. The second installment of the property tax bill is due April, 10, Visit our website for a copy of your bill, to make online payments or other assistance. For an explanation of your bill, click here. On Saturday, Dec.

Bring your ideas! Know a trailblazing local woman? Online nomination forms are available through Dec.

Expunging criminal records in Santa Clara County

Do you lack adequate Internet broadband services at your home or business? Take our simple survey to help identify unserved or underserved areas so that we may share information with local broadband providers. The property tax bills have been mailed to residents.

City Clerk | City of Santa Cruz

There are several new voter-approved bonds and parcel taxes on this year's tax bills. Click here for more details. The count of sheltered and unsheltered homeless individuals was conducted on January 23, , and shows 1 in county residents are homeless. Santa Cruz County has approved the Budget, which is available here. For supplemental recommendations, click here. View an interactive budget tool at sccbudget. The County of Santa Cruz is inviting interested parties to respond to a Request for Qualifications for a 3. Responses due Aug.

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  • To learn more and see a list of recommendations, click here. The U. The County has released a technical report for reuse of the Davenport Cemex site for public review, which includes current environmental, historic and infrastructure conditions. Visit our Cemex page to download a copy. Follow progress on our information blog The Santa Cruz County Parks Department is creating a strategic plan to help guide the next decade of county parks, programs and facilities.

    Click here to read it. Every year, the County honors employees who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to serve the residents of Santa Cruz County. Employee Recognition Awards The County is in the beginning stages of an environmental review of a proposed cannabis cultivation ordinance, and wants your feedback. Visit sccoplanning. The County has set up a confidential survey for owners and builders to give us candid feedback and help set up a program encouraging ADUs.

    Responses are due by March Click here to view use desktop computer. No motorists should use the roadway. Leopold succeeds Supervisor Bruce McPherson, who served in The closure of the Davenport Cement Plant impacted the Davenport community and the local economy. An expungement effectively dismisses your conviction and allows you to lawfully state under oath on most employment, rental housing and school applications that you have never been convicted of a crime.

    As indicated, a felony can be expunged so long as you did not serve any state prison time and you have completed all the terms and provisions of your probation. If you did serve time in state prison, your other option is a Certificate of Rehabilitation. Many probation periods are 3 or 5 years.

    Clean Slate Program Offers Ex-offenders Second Chance

    Regardless of how long, though, after you have successfully served at least half of it, you may apply for early termination. An expungement lawyer from our office can prepare your request and obtain letters of support or evidence of rehabilitation along with a statement as to why you should be granted early termination. Once it is granted, we can begin the expungement process. In many instances, a felony can be later reduced to a misdemeanor pursuant to Penal Code Section 17 B. Reducing your conviction to a misdemeanor restores your right to possess and own firearms for example and can eliminate potential immigration problems.

    It can also ease and expedite the expungement process.

    Criminal Defense Practice Areas

    An expungement attorney from our office can offer this service to you as part of our representation. Another form of post-conviction relief pertains to sealing your arrest records or juvenile and drug diversion records. Arrest records may be sealed provided charges were either dismissed or you were never prosecuted. Prosecutors have discretion whether to charge you though there may be evidence that seemingly appears sufficient to link you to the crime.

    An expungement attorney from the Expungement Law Group will review the facts of your arrest and advise you whether they meet the standard for sealing. Juvenile records are often not available to the general public but it is worthwhile to have them sealed nonetheless to avoid any potential problems you may encounter as an adult.