Best gps antenna location in vehicle

Now, the market offers a vast selection to choose from , but how do you know which one is the best GPS antenna?

Choosing a good GPS antenna can be difficult because you need to deal with some technical features. With enough research and peer reviews though, you can find the right device that will significantly improve your GPS signal according to your unit and vehicle. It became available to the consumer market back in the s. One common reason why the satellite signal experiences delay is the presence of huge structures. Tall trees, buildings, and windshields can obstruct the signal.

Teltonika FM3001 (3G)

Make sure that you buy the current model because they are made with a newer, built-in chip, which works much better than the older ones. This antenna can cost anywhere between 10 and 20 dollars depending on its capabilities and features.

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Now, if you are unfamiliar with GPS navigation devices, then choosing a good antenna would be tough too. To help you out, here are the three best GPS antennas that have great compatibility and provide real-time location information. Although they have different features, the GPS antennas below perfectly work with many GPS units and provide accurate reception that helps enhance location and other journey-related information.

Below is the list of features, pros, and cons of three GPS antennas. Which one matches your needs? It is typically installed in larger vehicles.

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Since this antenna has a lot to offer, there is no wonder that it has made it up to our list. This magnet keeps the antenna secured. This antenna is waterproof and can withstand rainy days. The built-in, low-noise amplifier LNA on this antenna helps increase signal reception by up to 28 dB. Thankfully, this problem already has a solution. In an emergency, the ambulance, fire truck, or police GPS needs to be working at its best. We are the most experienced manufacturer of GPS signal distribution products to keep our first responders getting where they are needed as quickly as possible.

Contact our knowledgeable team of advisors to get started with our helpful guidelines that make it easy for you to add these necessary tools to your building design and keep your equipment working properly. Place the GPS display on the dash, as low as possible.

Ambulance, Fire Truck, Public Safety, & Police GPS

Experiment with positioning to determine the most comfortable location when glancing at the unit. According to TomTom and many windshield obstruction laws, you should never place the unit directly under the rear view mirror. The device should be located such that you can easily see the display, but it does not interfere with your view of the road.

Apply the suction cup to the windshield at this location.

Automatic Car Aerial

If local regulations or the angle of the windshield do not allow windshield mounts, place the unit on the dash using one of the many available dash or vent mounts. Be certain that windshield mounting is legal in your state. California, for example has a law prohibiting obstruction of a driver's view. Known as VC Section , the law applies to side windows in addition to the windshield. This law was amended in to allow corner windshield mounting of GPS units when no other option is available. Laws for mounting GPS units on windshields generally revolve around placing nontransparent items on the glass in a certain area.

Regulations that prohibit center windshield suction mounting of a GPS unit typically allow placement of a 4 square inch to 7 square inch device at one of the corners on the windshield.