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The court may refer you to a Federal Records Center to obtain copies. Locate and Order court records in the Federal Records Centers.

Does Your Juvenile Record Qualify for Expungement or Sealing?

To identify and locate court records held by the National Archives, consult the National Archives Catalog. For convenience of access, most of our holdings from the federal court system are stored at National Archives locations around the country.

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For instance, records of the New Hampshire federal courts are currently located at the National Archives at Boston in Waltham, Massachusetts. An exception to the national distribution of court records is when certain holdings that are infrequently used may be centrally stored at a National Archives facility in Kansas for efficiency. The offender may file for an expungement with the court of jurisdiction if there is a state statute allowing for expungement.

If an expungement is granted, the criminal history information will still be available for criminal justice purposes. It is located in Wyoming Statute through In addition to the existing duties to establish and maintain a system for the identification of criminals, the Act delegated to DCI the authority to promulgate rules and regulations concerning access and dissemination of criminal history record information, audit practices, and sanctions. The Act also stipulated those agencies required to report to DCI.

The Rules and Regulations DCI has promulgated at the direction of the State Legislature has explained the earliest time possible as "not to exceed seventy-two hours. Wyoming's criminal history records are created with a submission of an arrest fingerprint card FPC.

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Pursuant to W. Every arrest record maintained by the Division must have a FPC. DCI cannot create an arrest event based off of court documents alone.

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Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Here is a link to the Wyoming State Statutes.

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At the bottom of this page are some training documents for law enforcement agencies and the courts. E-Mail - dci-criminalrecords wyo.

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